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What A Week!

So another week down, another week lost to a stressful-ish job and an even more stressful job hunt! As we sit here today, I am currently coming to the end of my contract in Hong Kong. I’ve loved every second of it but I feel ready for the next challenge, the next puzzle to solve. My main focus has been to move to Japan and teach there for a year but lo and behold finding a job in that country is damn near impossible, even with two years experience. I’m feeling that the writer and traveller of a month ago was a littler naive, and perhaps I should have planned my transition to Nippon a little earlier.

But then raised is the question, do I want to teach anymore? I do love it…most of the time, and in Hong Kong the teaching market is ridiculously lucrative but a little voice inside me is nagging. I believe that to accomplish ¬†something you must focus on it entirely but we don’t live in the kind of world that allows me to quit my job and write my book full time.

If anyone has any solid advice getting into Japanese education sector, I am all ears!

Alternatively, the option to work here in another field is available but I don’t know if I want to start all over again, re-learn, re-adjust. Decisions, decisions.

Fortunately, I also believe that when in doubt, write it out! and the two weeks of panic attacks, sleepless nights and mood swings that is my inability to find a job I want have lead to some very creative pieces being written.

I’m actually very tempted to release a serial piece on my site, a sort of end of the world survival culmination piece. I wrote it about a year ago and have 25 chapters already so do look out for that!

For now, I will return to my go to stress reliver, comfort eating!

Why oh why did I want to be a writer! Couldn’t have wanted to be a doctor or an engineer, no, I wanted to write for a living!



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