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The Temple of the Six Banyan Trees

In the Guangdong Province of China sits the city of Guangzhou. An under-appreciated city in itself, Guangzhou is home to one of the best Buddhist temples in China.


With a history dating back 1,400 years, the temple was given it name by Su Dongpo , a Chinese writer, painter and poet of the Song Dynasty. Upon visiting the temple, he was struck by the beauty of six banyan trees within the walls. He suggested the new name to the Abbot and it has been known as the Six Banyan tree temple ever since.


The temple was one of the major things to visit on my list when I decided to go to Guangzhou. Locals go here before the coming of the New Year to pray for good fortune.


During my time in the temple, I felt a peacefulness I’d not expected. Although other tourists were taking photos and chatting, visitors were extremely respectful of the grounds calm nature and the history seemed to emanate from the very grounds themselves.


Costing only 30RMB to enter, this is one site I implore you to visit when in Guangzhou.  Unfortunately, the TravelChinaGuide gives really poor directions and we got very lost.

Take the subway to Gongyuanqian Station and take exit B. Go LEFT from the exit and walk for ten minutes until you see LIURONG ROAD. Turn right onto this road and follow it for about five minutes until you see the Flowery Pagoda.



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