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Creating the Universe

An age old tradition is writing, and one far more complex than most people realise. For what is writing but creating a universe. Whether it be a glimpse into the past, a gaze into the moment of a life or the broad tale of development, fear and overcoming, every writer holds within him or herself a universe.

So much more goes into writing than simply “writing”, we have to explore, expand, engage, develop and destroy. We often hold in our hands and our minds the power to do amost anything, which is why I often think that writers are some of the most creative people alive. Maybe it’s genetic, but I truly believe a writer, a good, compulsive, have-to-do-it-right-now writer is born not made. When I listen to people talk about writing I feel a rush, and when people cant relate to that feeling I feel sad for them, that they don’t have the capacity to create like we do.

This is not to say that writing is the only form a creative creation, it is simply the one I find myself parallel to.

So how do we create these Universes, because of course there are many of them living and breathing within our minds? Inspiraion can come from anywhere! Truly, anywhere! I tend to find the simplest muse will create this free flow of creative energy I have absolutely no control over. It webs and spreads and before I can write a single word I have characters and settings and plotlines, almost as if I’m being told the story instead of creating it.

Each Universe seems to fit into a box inside my head, each character has its own place and as I grow older I add more to them in the hopes of writing it down someday. Unfortnately, writing full time is not an option for me right now, and this begs the question, which Universe is the right one to write?

I feel that writers who write for the hope of money are likely to meet an unfortunate end. The motive to become rich will cloud any creation, and filling paragraphs with mulchy wordcount is inevitable. For me, I write the stories I think will have the most significance and the ones readers can relate to on some level. Whether it be the housewife who kills her husband, the school child who cheats on his test or the mythical siren’s quest for companionship, I try to put my best foot forward and spread some sort of message. Some may be clear, and some are most definitely not, but clarity is not pivotal here. We’re not creating diamonds to sell, we’re writing moments from the Universe of our minds and hopefully reaching a kindred spirit or two in the process.

I like writing that takes a look at our society and can metaphorically present the problems, or outright call them out for us all to see. I like writing that can call out homo-sapiens on the absurdity that is a lot of our actions, and most of all, I like writing that can let me escape. We all know the escape I mean, the total loss of self that comes from a good book. I always love that feeling more than any other. Reading a good book is escaping into another writer’s universe and it is one of the most personal and amazing moments ever, for me anyway.

Has anyone ever had a Book Hangover? That moment when you close the final page and find that no one can understand the world you’ve just left or the feeling it left you with. I get that all the time! Sometimes I can’t read another book for at least a week, I have to grieve and heal! Anyone else with me?

Anyway, to the point, creating this Universe is hard. Writing the thoughts down can be a stressful and during experience and easily frustrating when you just cannot find those words to present your meaning and I have a deep and profound respect for any and every writer who creates, publishes and fights for their work no matter the story they are trying to tell (within reason).

Well wishes to anyone currently trying to write their novel, short story or anyone who is sat exploring their own universe!


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