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Say Uncle!


Meet Uncle! During my travels in Myanmar, I ran into this man in the Shwedagon Pagoda. He came straight up to me and, in almost perfect English, asked all about my life and my plans for future travels. After a few minutes of him telling me the history of the pagoda, Uncle pulled out a book from inside a blue plastic bag. The book was huge and filled with hand writing from thousands of different people. Uncle showed me that people, no matter where, no matter from what background, can all enjoy a good story. His book, known to Uncle as “memoirs”, contained the stories of all the travellers he had met in his time. People from all over the world had shared their stories with him and then written them in the book. For Uncle, these were the memories he could carry with him for the rest of his life and he was eager to share them with me and show me the people he had met who came from my home town. I think men and women like Uncle just show the effect a pen and paper can have on someones life.


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