Poetry / Writing

Dark to Light by L.A. Murphy

No light here, no light,
Nothing moving, endless night.

Something starts, it rolls and grows,
Pushing, pulling as it goes.

Movement now, but still no life,
No war, no hate, no fear, no strife.

It twists and writhes, pushes, pulls,
A glimmer now, then it lulls.

It wanders further, pushing more,
Making rules, creating law.

It’s bigger, stronger, faster, hot,
Some divides and some does not.

Colliding, smashing, unstable states,
Each new flash it makes, creates.

It lightly glows, flashes, flares,
Speed increases, it rips and tears.

It hums and screams, whirls and clangs,
At last it bursts and shouts and bangs.

It spreads and flows and reaches far,
Giving birth, a light, bright star.

It’s not the first, it’s twins appear,
The room is filled, the light is here.

Orion, Meissa, all alight,
Bid farewell to ever night.

The planets form and circle near,
The light of life is glowing here.

Only one will prove to give,
A home for some to grow and live.

But forever keeps the forward pace,
The vast unknown of Outer Space.


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