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When I Do That Reading, I Get Negative Feeling

I blog, we blog. We are at the forefront of everything, a blogging community. A community of like-minded, sometimes not so like-minded people who’s aim is to share, promote, teach, learn and try.

I have a strict rule with my writing not to slander or degrade other creative writers, other people trying to bring fiction and fantasy into the world. I took this oath because I truly believe, beyond reasonable doubt, that any man, woman or child who presents themselves online is truly brave.

Anyone who has been online for more than ten minutes is fully aware that there are some horrid people out there who’s only real aim is to belittle and taint and critique the work of others. It can be so hard to ignore this as it is, so  I make a point not to add to it. I respect other writers simply for the fact that they are writers. This may appear to some as coddled with a sense of naivety but to this I argue, there is already so much negativity in the world, is it not a good idea to just ignore it and try to pour some goodness into the bloggersphere?

Now, creativity and opinion are two different things, I’m certainly not above a good online debate over issues I feel passionately about, but when you start to digress into childish name-calling I believe your point to already be lost.

This post is certainly not an attempt to canonise myself, I can be a d**k as much as the next guy sometimes, but during some research recently I found a post on submitting ones manuscript to publishers, and the difficulties a first time novelist may encounter. For the most part I found the post to be comprised of complete and utter drivel.

The opinions stated were so negative and undermining to writers, it would certainly dishearten anyone who wasn’t confident in their abilities. The article went on to define each decade with THE significant writer of that time. J.K. Rowling took the 90’s, Stephanie Meyer the 00’s and Suzanne Collins took the 10’s. This is a fair assumption, but the writer in question then went on to say, and I am paraphrasing here, “Don’t bother trying to be a good writer for at least 5 years, but it’s unlikely you’ll dominate the 20’s.”

This is abhorrent nonsense s**t. How dare anyone tell someone else that they won’t be a success in their own right. There are many writers who, over the past three decades, have established themselves and a significant fan base and have nothing to be ashamed of. The three aforementioned writers are all extremely successful yes, but are they not to be seen as an inspiration? Why should we look at them and see our own downfall because some writers cannot handle their own failings? I for one will never be disheartened, I fail often, and hard and I revel in it. Every failure is a lesson, and every lesson could be your next book!

By the basis of this nonsense post, should we not judge every writer but those three as failures? No, of course we shouldn’t. This would be childish and downright stupid.

I was so moved by this piece, in such a negative way, that I was compelled to do the very thing the post warned against; writing.

While the opinions of this blogger may not be widespread or overly read, if I can encourage but one writer to pick up his or her pen and try again, just try, or continue or even spread the word that we shouldn’t give up, then I have done what I set out to do!




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