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Donald Trump, or How to Ruin America

Growing up in the UK, the name Donald Trump was definitely not one I heard every day. I don’t know anyone who bought his clothes, no business I was aware of at that age had dealings with his corporation and he definitely didn’t have an involvement with British parliament. Due to my mother’s monthly magazine subscription, I had however heard of his wife (now ex), Ivana Trump.

Once I got to college, I started studying A-Level Government and Politics and A-Level Sociology and I started to hear more about him, mainly about his millionaire status, his business sense etc. Fast forward to 2015 and now I know Donald Trump as a presidential candidate so absurd that only the more absurd members of his own country are supporting him. Given the variety of people in the United States, this definitely works out in his favour.

So lets talk Trump. To understand the man, it is important to understand his history. A real estate mogul, Trump attended Wharton and was handed the reins to his father’s company, Elizabeth Trump & Son, quickly renaming it The Trump Organisation. Following this, he went into business with Holiday Inn to open the Holiday Inn Hotel Casino. He then bought out the shares of this business and renamed it The Trump Hotel and Casino, the motto of which was One Name Says It All!

The hotel and gaming industry took a hit during the recession in the 1990’s and this, among many other Trump related issues, caused his company to go into bankruptcy…4 times, the most recent time being in 2014. Following different public appearances and his appearance on the show The Apprentice, Trump became what most (Americans) would call a celebrity.

So lets filter out what we just learned. Donald Trump is self indulgent, he really likes his own name and fancies himself as the face of his own company. Trump is a bit of a joke, he’s worth 4 billion but he’s done so by selling out his employees and allowing his companies to take the fall. Donald went to Wharton, a fantastic business school but lets call a spade a spade, anyone attending Wharton is by nature a shark and almost definitely out for metaphorical business-blood, his main aim is monetary.

Unfortunately, like many places, racism and nationalism are rife in certain parts of the U.S. And Trump is milking that for all it’s worth. He’s blamed the poor economy on everyone but the Corportatocracy that is the U.S. and wants to “make America great again” while failing to realise that America is built on a foundation of multi-culturalism. Let’s not forget that it was the caucasians who found, invaded and conquered the United States in the first place.

In his run for presidency, Trump has verbally attacked the Chinese, the people who make his clothing line. He has blasted the Mexicans and has literally demanded a wall be built to block Mexico from the states, with one of his more idiotic cronies suggesting we film Mexicans crossing the border Hunger Games style. It’s totally ridiculous and is showing this Brit that the election has become nothing more than a public farce. However, we cannot deny Trump’s genius, he’s saying outrageous things like the amazing idiot that he is and he’s ensuring he stays in the public eye by doing so. I mean, what does American expect? Put a President like that in charge and the rich will become richer and the poor will become forgotten. If anyone for one second believes that Trump For President is a good thing they need to be psychiatrically evaluated in my opinion.

Before my disdain for this idiot becomes too clear, I will end with this piece of writing with a fantastic picture of a perfectly innocent pig that looks like Thunderdump’s hair piece.




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