Poetry / Writing

The Pillars Four by L.A. Murphy

Four pillars stood about the room,
Each one a shining token.
Neither one could see just yet,
The others all were broken.

Pillar One was tough and stern
And strong as one could be.
Oft he spread his thoughts and will,
Not oft though could he see.

He pushed his will and paid no heed,
The others would despair.
But not one for admitting wrong,He thought his will was fair.

Pillar Two was best with gold,
And found it all world round.
But not much care was taken,
As she searched deeply all around.

She spent and begged and borrowed,
And tales spread of her wealth.
But gold comes with it’s woes,
And affected was her health.

Pillar Three, a jester,
Sparked laughter where she lay,
But none could see the loneliness,
She fought each dreary day

She longed for a companion,
But the cracks she saw were clear.The room would surely fall,
If a part of her weren’t here.

Pillar Four, the poet,
Spread words across the land.
Creativity drove him far,
But still in the room he’d stand.

Longing for reprieve,
Silence was his gift.
He knew the four had strength enough,
To heal their growing rift.

Pillars One and Two charged forth,
A war was soon outbroken.
Three and Four watched quietly,
Not a word was spoken.

One believed that he was right,
And pledged a mighty shout.
Two believed that she was right,
She bade the First get out.

But Three and Four were left alone,
To support this mighty room.
At polar ends of this dispute,
This surely meant their doom.

Not choosing black or white,
They held fast in their stead.
One and Two refused to yield,Poison here was said.

But seeing Three and Four,
Struggling in their plight,
One and Two laid down their arms,
And agreed to end their fight.

The pillars took their places,
And strength to strength they’re still.
While one alone appears weak,
All four can work their wil


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