Flash Fiction / Writing

2 (ish) Sentence Horror Stories

1) I don’t know what’s worse. The fact that I can’t move, or the voice whispering in my ear.

2) I knew something was wrong when I walked in. The candles were lit and dinner was on the table but I live alone.

3) The doctor had been gone for twenty minutes when the men in hazmat suits came in and restrained me.

4) I fell asleep, warm in my bed. When I awoke, I felt the needle enter my skin, heard the voices and watched as the chemical emptied into my body.

5) The surgery was a success and the new heart has been a good match. I didn’t expect the new desires to come with it, desires to kill.

6) I feel the heat before I am fully awake. I wonder if anyone can hear my screams as the coffin starts to burn.

7) I feel it in my bed before I see it. The cold body of the fiancée I buried last night.

8) I loved hearing my daughter talk to her teddy bears, until the day I heard them talking back.

9) I awoke to pain. I heard moaning and felt the teeth sink into my throat.

10) When I sleep, I dream I’m warm in my  bed. When I wake, I feel the fire, smell the brimstone and begin running away from the creatures that torment me.


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