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Can Netflix Give us the Baudelaires we Deserve?

Joyous news! There have finally been some ripples in the water regarding the upcoming Netflix original series, Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events. A thematically appropriate (and awesome) 35 second teaser trailer has been released. With Gothic noir tones, ribbons, glasses and a particularly vicious lacrymose leech, the trailer seemed legitimate and received quite a lot of attention.

The rebuttal from Netflix is that the trailer is a fake, not owned or created by them in any way, however, viewers may take not that the publisher of the video is Eleanora Poe, a character mentioned in the book series. While this could be mere coincidence, it would be quite in keeping with the themes in the novel to create mystery prior to release of the series. With the maze of investigations and rumours in the book series itself, keeping fans on their toes with “leaked” videos and rumours would make a lot of sense, and be a genius marketing move, on the part of the Netflix team.

I for one am more than excited for the release of this series, the books had a huge impact on me in my teen years and I highly recommend reading them before the series is released. Unfortunately, the 2004 movie starring Jim Carrey et al just didn’t meet the mark with the series and now with confirmation of Neil Patrick Harris for the role of Count Olaf, one could be concerned this Gothic noir hit series could become nothing more than a Disney-esque joke, no offense to Disney of course. One cheesey smurf themed quip and the whole series could go downhill. While not the biggest fan of Harris, everyone deserves a chance, even if it is with one of my all time favourite characters and narratives.

Video: A little more professional than the usual “leaked” teasers.

Hopeful readers of this wonderful series, follow the following Lemony Snicket list!

  1. The Bad Beginning
  2. The Reptile Room
  3. The Wide Window
  4. The Miserable Mill
  5. The Austere Academy
  6. The Ersatz Elevator
  7. The Vile Village
  8. The Hostile Hospital
  9. The Carnivorous Carnival
  10. The Slippery Slope
  11. The Grim Grotto
  12. The Penultimate Peril
  13. The End

Happy Reading!


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