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Binge Watch: The Good Wife

I resisted watching this show for quite a while, even with the convenience of Netflix now having six of the seven seasons available. After watching the first episode two months ago, I have now officially binge watched my way through six and a half seasons and the awful realisation that I only have the equivalent of one season left until I’m all caught up is like a sucker punch to the chest. I try to ween myself off the five episodes a day habit but unfortunately I have failed every time. The trials and tribulations of Alicia Florrick are some of the most gripping this writer has experienced.

What I find most enjoyable about The Good Wife is the sheer commitment to characterisation and the ability of the writers to develop the protagonists and secondary characters and still have them representing their own ideologies from season 1. I always feel with certain shows that the characters essentially 180 from who they were which in most cases works fantastically  but here I find it refreshing to have reliable personalities to follow from the get go.

Some examples;

Elsbeth Tascioni – Easily one of my favourite characters, Elsbeth has this tendency to run totally off the course of her legal arguments and still manages to bring the defense full circle and into the win. While only a background character, Eslbeth never fails to bring some comic humour to the show and never fails to bring some alleviation to the drama in the show. Elsbeth’s best moments are easily her running full sprint across a football field to defend Diane Lockhart and defending herself against an anti-semitic bear.

Judge Patrice Lessner – My personal favourite judge, only just outdoing Abernathy and Murphy, has not once failed to make me laugh. Her reputation among the other characters makes her easily enjoyable to watch. Patrice’s best moments are easily “In your opinion?”, “Is that in your opinion?” and “Was that an opinion?”

Diane Lockhart – The classiest, most glamorous and easily most respectable female in the show, Diane has some amazingly witty one liners and an unfaltering fount of knowledge for the other characters. She has become something of a fashion icon due to her impeccable dress sense and her ability to remain a democrat while exploring republican ideas (mainly her husbands) make her more relateable. Best moments for me are her defense of Cary Agos in season 6 and her never ending supply of scotch in seasons 1 through seven.

Eli Gold – Hysterical, maniacal, domineering, scheming and above all else, loyal. Eli shows us both the entitled nature of the 1% while also showing the commitment this social group must take to the careers they choose. Alan Cumming pushes this character into the comical at times while maintaining the constant urgency that comes with the character. Best moments are “NO!” “COFFEE!” and perchance throttling the leader of the democratic committee.

Colin Sweeney – A fantastic returnee character in several episodes, Colin Sweeney is an over eager, sexually deviant, murderous, lecherous and downright psychotic man of seemingly unending riches. I find Sweeney hilarious and always enjoyable to watch because, even though he admittedly killed his wife, he makes it look so innocent, a man exploring everything the world has to offer (I do not condone murder or violence) but with best quotes from Sweeney including “Basking in the musk of each others pheromones.”, its hard not find him congenial.

David Lee – My favourite male in the show, David is somehow the complete embodiment of what a divorce lawyer is and should be. He’s one of the most misleading and treacherous characters but somehow manages to make me like him. His voice, m&m’s and his need to be in the “winning group” make him so annoying that he ends up being an enjoyable character. For me anyway. Best moment is easily David Lee tearing up an email like a spoilt child, only to realise it’s a copy and his action holds no sway.

With a humongous list of cameos and guest stars such as Michael J Fox, Martha Plimpton, Matthew Perry, Carrie Preston, Nathan Lane (AMAZING), Anna Camp, Gary Cole, Veronica Loy, Linda Emond, KATE BURTON!, American Ferrera, Edward Herrmann, Bebe Neuwirth, Elizabeth Reaser, Sonequa Martin, T.R. Knight, The Good Wife is without a doubt a show you must watch if you haven’t! But I’m sure you have as it is extremely popular and I’m merely expressing opinion!

Currently on S06E17 rounding the corner of season 7!


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