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Who Cares? by L.A. Murphy

Wear this, weigh that,
Be this, have that,
Who cares?

Own this, buy that,
Consume, appear happy,
Who cares?

Do you have the latest?
Do you want it supersized?
Who cares?

Too big, too small,
Too fast, too slow,
Who cares?

Are you happy? Are you sad?
Take a pill, take a break,
Who cares?

Latest membership,
Better connection,
Who cares?

9 billion animals killed in a year,
But cars are 10% off,
Who cares?

Extinction rabid,
Mctasty not so much,
Who cares?

Want it, want it now,
Need it, can’t afford it,
Who cares?

Lead us not into,
Force us into temptation,
Who cares?

Deliver us from,
Plaster us with evil,
Who cares?

You can,
But you can’t,
Who cares?

Peace on Earth,
Piece of Earth,
Who cares?

Change our thoughts,
Stop our actions,
Who cares?

I care.





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