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Evernote Notebooks by Moleskine

I received this product for Christmas but didn’t get a chance to use it properly until last month. The Evernote/Moleskine combination boasts some pretty brilliant features for wannabe organised writers and, although a little expensive (GBP18/USD27), can prove beneficial for a writer, artist or even designer on the go.

Some of the top features included are;

  • Free 3 Month Premium Membership to Evernote
  • Capture Handwritten Notes
  • Capture Drawings and Share with Others
  • Smart Stickers to Tag and Organise Notes
  • Review Multiple Shots in Image Gallery
  • Straighter, Brighter Images
  • Handwriting Recognition

It doesn’t take a genius to realise these are all excellent qualities in a notebook. Using it is really simple. Make sure you use dark ink and once you’re ready, place the notebook on a dark, flat surface. Pull the bookmark down taut into the wedge of the book and, using the Evernote app on your phone or tablet, snap a picture of the text. It will automatically upload and then you have access to your notes at any point during your hectic schedule!

The Evernote Notebook series comes in different formats, buyers can take their pick from the Classic , the Sketchbook, the Business Notebook or the Journal. All come with the same capabilities and are definitely a worthy purchase for any and all feeling the creative itch.

Having used this product for the past month, I can honestly say it has made certain aspects of my own writing process simpler. Forgot your notebook? Not a problem. Something I have definitely struggled with in the past, it really doesn’t pose an issue as all the notes are right there on your smartphone. Instead of having to have the notebook out on commutes, I can join the masses of Hong Kongers and just stare at my hand instead.

I do feel like this book may be of better use to someone who has more need for the features it offers but I do highly recommend this series of notebooks to anyone who likes to use a good old fashioned pen and paper at times! Although, I suppose old fashioned is definitely not what you could call the Evernote Notebook by Moleskine.


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