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Tea, Two Sugars by L.A. Murphy

“Oh Susan! You naughty minx!”

Susan pours the tea lasciviously and lifts not one, but two sugar cubes up to her eye level and licks her lips before dropping them into the deep amber pool of nectar. She slowly lifts the cream and pours some into a single jug, splattering the counter top.

“Oh no!” She sighs. “Reverend Archibold doesn’t like sticky messes!”

“Oh Susan! You wanton whore!”

Susan prepares the big, cherry flavoured buns. Spreading thick layers of salty butter all over them. Reverend Archibold loves a salty bun. As well as a tea, two sugars. Susan licks the excess butter off the knife, coating her tongue and lips.

“Ooh lick it Susan! Hoo hoo!”

“Oh Susan?” cries the good Reverends wife. The frigid Mrs. Fanny Archibold.

“Yes, Fanny? How may I service you?”

“Please take the buttered baps and the tea to my husband.”

Susan never sees Fanny. Only hears her whining down the hall.

“Right away Fanny!”

Susan lifts the tray high, the steam from the tea billowing over her voluptuous bosom.

“Oh…how moist!” she moans

“Just the way you like it Susan!”

Susan carries the the tray up the stairs to the Reverends office. As the door opens, she sees him stood by the window, his tight black trousers clinging to his pert bottom. Oh how she craved it, among other things.

He turns, his thick chest and broad shoulders stunning Susan once more. She’d like nothing better than to tear away his dog collar and explore his forbidden regions.

“Susan! How lovely to see you. Join me for tea?”

“I’d be delighted.”

He gestures, leading Susan to the desk. Her gaze falls on his precious package and her pulse races. As she pours the hot, sweet tea into two mugs, Reverend Archibold caresses her hand while reaching for the cream. He joins his thick, white stream with her golden one. Oh how she quivers.

“Do it Susan! Reach out to him!”

Susan places the tea pot down, brushing the Reverend’s inner thigh as she does so. For a second, she lingers and their eyes meet.

“Oh Susan!”

“Oh Reverend!”

The electricity between them is crackling and fierce. Susan sees and hears the Reverend’s breath quicken. He gulps.

“I want you.” She says. “I want you in the worst way! Jesus forgive me!”

The Reverend moves quickly. He rips his shirt open, his pure white dog collar falling to the floor.

“Praise His Holy Light!” Susan cries.

He hitches up her skirt as she hurries with his belt and zipper. Exposed to the world, Susan gasps.

“Glorious! Truly, I have seen the face of God!”

“Yes! Yes! Do it!”

He thrusts, paying no heed to silence. Frigid Fanny could never comprehend the ecstasy wracking their bodies at this moment. They climax! A hot mess of pleasure and bodies. He holds her tight, praying never to be outside of her again. Susan quivers again, filled with guilt and enjoyment. There’s only one thing she can think to say.


He laughs. “Two sugars.”



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