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Japan, Here I Come!

Joyous news! After two years in Hong Kong and two months of job searches, I am officially moving to Japan, or rather Hiroshima to be more precise. I really cannot put into words how excited I am about this move. I have been truly proud and honoured to call Hong Kong my home since 2014 but Japan has always been the dream, ever since I watched Battle Royale and Takeshi’s Castle at age 14.

Fortunately, I am not picky in the slightest and where exactly I move to is not an issue for me, I always live by the motto that any place new is a place I have yet to explore and this has been true of every trip, move and vacation I’ve taken over the last two years.

While new arrivals to Japan tend to head straight for the more obvious areas ie. Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka etc. I’m glad my job search has me placed further south in Hiroshima. I’m excited to get to know the culture, learn the customs and of course the language in a way that Hong Kong hasn’t really allowed.

Having only signed the contact a few weeks ago, I can honestly say I’ve already filled my calendar with trips and weekends away and have found a gym, a language centre and three capsule hotels that I am desperate to stay in, one of which opens up into a library which is orgasmic to me personally and I’m sure it is to all the other bibliophiles out there!

In terms of job searching, while a lot of websites have a lot of options for would-be travellers, I found the Ohayo-Sensei newsletter to be absolutely #1 in variety, information, ease of application and sheer quantity. The format is amazing and it is designed so it’s super easy to weed out any jobs you might not be applicable for.

Unfortunately, Japan is a little harder to break as I have noticed that a lot of positions require one to already be a resident of the country. This is fairly reasonable but the it is frustrating as an EFL teacher to be required to move before finding employment. Again, Ohayo-Sensei takes care of the bulk of this for you and clearly labels all jobs that require current residence.

With my excitement levels currently rising I shall say さようなら(sayonara!) for now!






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