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Loving Lamma Island!

Surrounding Hong Kong are a multitude of islands to visit. It’s one of the things I’ve always loved about the SAR,  visitors and residents alike aren’t confined to just the city but can explore the fishing villages, hiking trails and beaches that are at most a mere ferry ride away. One of the more popular and well known islands is Lamma! This island is home to both expats and locals and boasts an impressive range of seafood restaurants that get their food directly from the surrounding ocean.

The fishing culture is clear and enjoyable to see and is reminiscent of the more rural nature of China, quite the antithesis of Hong Kong Island. Lamma is small and easily traversed with some nice hiking trails that lead to several secluded beaches, hikers will never feel far away from civilisation though as the island really is quite small. Being aware of the local wildlife is a concern, snakes live on Lamma, and being aware that not everyone on the island will want you to walk near their houses.

Lamma is host to several pubs and restaurants which are cool,  the most noteable is the Bookworm Cafe, a vegan cafe with books surrounding the walls. At times the pubs can seem as if from the past, that is, smelling of cigarettes and filled with men drinking from their own tankards, and at times the expats can seem a little rough, but welcoming for the most part. Lamma takes no more than half a day to explore really and takes twenty to thirty minutes to get to depending on which side of the island you go to. Feel free to contact me for more information!




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