Poetry / Writing

Silk by L.A. Murphy

A swish of silk upon the sill,
She moves in close intent to kill.
Just out of reach you cannot see,
The deadly sting of her majesty.

She hears you breathe and closes in,
Amidst the mornings fog filled din.
She’s close enough to feel your breath,
The widow brings a painful death.

She slides on down and lands polite,
You almost made it through the night.
She’s made her choice, so say goodbye,
It’s time for you, it’s time to die.

She pauses brief and makes her choice,
Too small for you to hear her voice.
She cries a loud and mighty scream,
And wakes you from your peaceful dream.

It’s done, it’s done, the end is nigh,
You wake and scream and shout and cry.
She scarpers off and hides away,
Alive to kill another day.



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