Poetry / Writing

My Self or I by L.A. Murphy

What is loss? What does it mean?
Is it the same for us all?
How can we know?

In the search for myself
How hard must it be
To find him?

And how hard must it be
To lose others along the way
In the search for me?

The checklist of things I’d envisioned
Don’t seem as important in the moment.
The loss seems too great.

But then what is one to do?
Or face the loss head on?

Even as the lights emerge
Blaring from the tunnel
What should we do?

Jump? Flee?
Or should we stand,
Embrace, wait?

Wait for the lights to hit.
The loss to arrive.
It has to pass right?

But what if it doesn’t?
What if the train never stops?
Emerging from the tunnel endlessly.

How then do we focus?
My self and I.

How do we complete, achieve,

My self and I do not know.





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