Poetry / Writing

The Easter Hare by L.A. Murphy

Will you say it? Will you dare?
Breathe the name of the Easter Hare?

In April time, when children play,
He wakes to feast for one whole day.

Boys and girls are filled with greed,
The Hare is here to find and feed.

The bunny’s gone, he’s just for show,
The Easter Hare is white as snow.

His skin is pale, his teeth are knives,
He’s coming here to take your lives.

His claws are long, his eyes are red,
You hear him move under your bed.

You cannot cry, you cannot scream,
You hope it’s all a horrid dream.

But there he lies as still as stone,
He’s going to gnaw on every bone.

You’re not his first, he’s almost done,
His belly’s full, he’s had his fun.

But one last nibble, one last treat,
The Easter Hare was born to eat.

Your friends went first, he tore and ate,
You want to run, its now too late.

He crawls on out, an awful sight,
He opens wide, prepared to bite.

He wears a hat, torn and gnawed,
You turn your voice and address the Lord.

But no one listens you’re left for dead,
You see two ears atop his head.

He grabs your feet and gives a pull.
He’s done, he’s done, at last he’s full.

He’s leaving now, so have no fear,
You’ve survived the Hare for one more year.

But don’t get lazy, don’t forget,
He’ll come next year for you I bet.


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