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Day Plan: Tokyo DisneySea

Online reviews rate Tokyo DisneySea as one of the busiest attractions in Japan, they’re not wrong! DisneySea is an intense, action packed, fun filled and monstrously busy day! Unfortunately, the reviews I read before going were fairly negative, with visitors complaining that rides were inaccessible and the fast passes were unobtainable. I found this to be 100% inaccurate and, with the right sort of pre-trip plan, Tokyo DisneySea is the best day out you will ever have, ever. With 176 acres of Disney fun to be had, you’ll need it!

Day Plan: Tokyo DisneySea

General Opening Time: 8.00am

Suggested Arrival Time: 6.00am (at least two hours before opening time)

Most Popular Ride: Toy Story Mania

Other Rides: Journey to the Center of the Earth, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, Tower of Terror, Indiana Jones and the Temple of the Crystal Skull, StormRider (closing soon), Raging Spirits

Food & Drink: Turkey Legs, Inventive Popcorn Flavours, Various Restaurants and Beer.

  1. Pre-book and print tickets prior to arrival at park.
  2. Plan JR trains in Tokyo to arrive at the park no later than TWO HOURS before the opening time.
  3. Take cards, apps etc to occupy yourself in the two hour wait.
  4. Find a map one hour before the opening of the park.
  5. Aim to head to Toy Story Mania IMMEDIATELY.
  6. If at the South Entrance, you head to the LEFT, if at the North Entrance you head STRAIGHT and veer LEFT. RUN towards the Tower of Terror ride to find Toy Story Mania.
  7. You will be told to slow down, DO NOT.
  8. When you  arrive at the Toy Story Mania ride, get in the queue for a fast pass, the queue will be enormous but don’t be deterred. Stick it out and get the fast pass, trust me, it is the best ride ever
  9. Your next fast pass will be available in ninety minutes.
  10. Once you have acquired your fast pass, the time will be around 8.30am. Head over to the Tower of Terror and get in the queue. The wait time will be around 40 minutes, but this ride moves fast, so it’s more like 20 minutes.
  11. After Tower of Terror, head over to Journey to the Center of the Earth. This will be around a 70 minute wait. DO IT. Do not leave the queue and do not wuss out. This ride is amazing. Again, an app, cards or any game is good here.
  12. Once you have ridden Journey to the Center of the Earth, your next fast pass will be available. Get a fast pass for Journey to the Center of the Earth. This ride is definitely worth two goes. The next fast pass will be available in 90 minutes.
  13. Once you have acquired the fast pass, head over to 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. The queue will be around 40 minutes.
  14. Head back over to Toy Story Mania and experience the best ride available in the 21st Century using your fast pass.
  15. LUNCH TIME (That’s four rides before lunch!)
  16. Head over to Indiana Jones and get a fast pass for this ride. Your next fast pass will be available in 90 minutes.
  17. Go to the Tower of Terror and ride again.
  18. Head over to Sinbad’s Storybook Voyage.
  19. Watch the Magic Lamp Theatre show.
  20. Organise your remaining time around your fast passes and the rides you want to go on. Fast passes are usually gone by around 5pm.
  21. Find a good spot around 7pm at the waterfront to watch Fantasmic at 8pm.

Recommendations: Shows etc are in Japanese but it’s not hard to follow the general gist of the shows. Obviously make sure you explore the park in general, it truly is the most beautiful theme park in the world. The castle, among other areas, have plenty of secret walkways and rooms with interesting games etc. Take plenty of pictures and just have the best day ever! I certainly did! The plan is in PDF format below in case you’re as compulsive as I am!

DisneySea Day Plan


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