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Shame, Shame, Shame!

So it’s been around three weeks since I last posted and I cannot even explain the guilt I feel for being such a bad blogger. Not without reason, work has been busy, the Hiroshima Tokasan Festival has been happening this weekend and I have been spending a lot of time focusing on my book. But all the same, I just lost it with the blog, I lost my drive to post everyday or a few times a week and for that I feel SHAME! Ding Ding! (Game of Thrones reference.)

When I think about the last time I was online, I found myself perusing some other sites and using Facebook in its infinite wisdom to do some networking and I came across a post in the We Blog community, and I think I can pinpoint this post to my blogging apathy these past few weeks.

The post was from some self-proclaimed networking Queen who seemed to have all the answers on how to run a successful blog. While the advice was solid for the most part, the underlying point of the post was this – “If your blog does not have 1000 followers at the end of its first year, you’ve failed.”

This put me in such a bad place, as I’m sure it would for some other like-minded bloggers. Not because having the drive to build a massively successful site is a bad thing, but to judge the success of others like that, I find it droll and aggravating.

I’m not entirely sure why I blog, I love to write, I love to read, I love to talk to other writers and readers. Of course I’d love to have 1000 followers, because I think the message I have is positive and worth reading, but I want my followers to enjoy my writing, the same way I enjoy theirs. I don’t think it’s essential to bombard other peoples sites with jargon until they acquiesce and follow just to get me to shut up.

I think my site is successful, I have returning readers and good views and a humble amount of followers. I enjoy the songbird that is Twitter, I think it’s a great way to connect and above all I love blogging, and I feel shame that I let one comment put me down about my writing. I fell into the “what’s the point” trap and I’ll tell you, that’s a hard one to get out of. I’m not sure I’m even entirely out of it, but I have read some really good posts this week and I think we as bloggers are all awesome and we should keep it up!

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