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Genbaku Domu

dsc_0182.jpgAt the centre of any great city is its culture, and living in Hiroshima for the past four months has been a cultural whirlwind. Not only because Japan itself is steeped in a rich history, but because Hiroshima is one of the two destinations hit by nuclear weaponry in 1945, the other being Nagasaki. At the heart of Hiroshima is the Peace Park, famous for its beautiful statues, green lawns, Memorial Museum and, of course, the Atomic Bomb Dome. Known as Genbaku Domu in Japanese, this structure is the only structure left standing in the bombs hypocentre. Named for the dome-shaped structure at its summit, the A-Bomb Dome was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1996. Its clear to see the reverence Hiroshima people give to the dome, its a living memory for them of the power of war and the devastation warring nations can unleash on one another. The dome and the bombing is very much a part of Hiroshima peoples lives and even the teenagers here are very aware of the significance of the Genbaku Domu. Amidst destruction it stood strong in 1945 and today its skeletal remains are a tourist attraction for those wanting to learn more about the history of Hiroshima.


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