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The Lamma Fisherman


Off the beaten path and and a quick forty minute ferry ride away from Hong Kong is Lamma, the third largest island in the Island region. Known in Chinese as Pok Liu Chau, Lamma Island is the antithesis of Hong Kong. Quiet, peaceful and bordering on serene, Lamma is home to several small sandy beaches, a beautiful port and a collection of small fishing villages teeming with catches of the day. The waterfront is filled with restaurants and bars selling delicious seafood and cheap beer and, for the more adventurous traveller, Lamma is home to some beautiful hiking trails. On a sunny day not too long ago I found myself at the beach, playing in the waves and saw a lone fisherman spending his time enjoying the quiet and possibly catching the evening meal. Peaceful and relaxed he appeared, no doubt enjoying the day and the tranquility that comes with the island lifestyle.


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