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IFC Tower


Of the many skyscrapers in Hong Kong, one of the most famous giants is the IFC Mall building located in the Central district. The second tallest building in Hong Kong, and the fourth largest building in China, the IFC Mall building is a testament to how Hong Kong people can turn any space into a multi-modal area for citizens, residents, businessmen and tourists alike. Known by Hong Kongers for its gigantic mall, the building also boasts a cool bar at its base, a garden bar named Red. A particular magnet for Western drinkers, while Red offers food and alcohol, customers are allowed to bring their own booze to the grounds provided they bring their own cups. The bar won’t supply even an ice cube to non-paying customers but they can offer an amazingĀ  view of the Kowloon side. Also, interesting to Batman fans, this is the building Batman famously jumped off in that Batman film he was in (I want to say Dark Knight) a fact I learned on my first ever evening in Hong Kong. Truly one of the wondrous landmarks you will see in Asia’s World City.


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