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The Marriage of Meiji Shrine


Visitors to Tokyo will almost definitely find themselves visiting the Meiji Shrine. Known in Japanese as the Meiji Jingu, this Shinto shrine was erected in honor of the spirits of Emperor Meiji and his wife, Empress Shoken. Contained inside 170 acres of forest, the Meiji Shrine is home to 365 different species of trees, a testament to the love of nature that takes root in the base of Japanese culture. Visitors to the shrine may be fortunate enough to witness a traditional Shinto wedding. The procession  is lead by two priests followed by two shrine maidens and the couple under a red umbrella. Finally, family and friends follow behind. Shinto weddings include the sharing of sacred rice wine, reciting of the Shinto liturgy and a sacred dance. This particular day was perfect to witness the procession, solemn as it was.


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