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The Tale of Carp Castle


Visitors to Japan should not be surprised to find themselves visiting a castle or two. Japan is home to hundreds, if not thousnads of castles and I have had the privilege of living and working close to the beautiful Hiroshima Castle. Built in the 1590’s and occasionally known as the Carp Castle,  this beauty was destroyed by the atomic bomb on August 6th 1945. Home to the daimyo (powerful Japanese feudal lords), the castle was rebuilt in 1958, losing much of its historical authenticity. The structure now serves as a museum of the history of Hiroshima pre-World War 2. Visitors can climb to the summit of the castle for great views and can enjoy an amazing Samurai dress up experience which makes for a great photo. The castle grounds are stunning regardless of the season and visitors will get the added bonus of seeing the Hiroshima Gokoku Shrine on the way to the castle.


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