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Rokuon-Ji the Golden Temple


One of Japans most popular attractions, Rokuon-Ji sits in the outskirts of Kyoto. A Zen-Buddhist temple dating back to 1397, the Deer Garden Temple is a National Special Historic Site, a National Special Landscape and a World Heritage Site. About a forty minute cycle from Kyoto station, it isn’t difficult to understand why many tourists flock to this site as well as the surrounding attractions. The grounds themselves are stunning, green and spacious and house the large and attractive Mirror Pond. Rebuilt after an arson attack in 1950, the Golden Pavilion is comprised of three floors, each with a unique design. The first floor is in the shinden-zukuri style and is named The Chamber of Dharma Waters. The second is in the style of buke-zukuri and is known as The Tower of Sound Waters. The third and final floor is Chinese style and is called the Cupola of the Ultimate.


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