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Amazed at Arashiyama


Decoration, cooking, clothing, construction, agriculture, weaponry and instruments. Bamboo has a multitude of uses and is at the heart of the integral infrastructure that is Asian living. Relatively fast growing, durable and malleable, travellers to Asia should not be surprised to find their trips shrouded in the green shoots and rustling leaves. Beautiful and clean, one of the more popular collections of bamboo is found near the Rioku-Jin temple in Kyoto. A vast expanse of scenic walkways, Arashiyama Bamboo Grove is a designated Historic Site that is a must see. Walking through the grove is what Japan is all about, historic and authentic and everything you imagine you’ll see and feel while travelling Kyoto. It’s no surprise that the Grove is often quite busy and while the numerous amateur photographers and selfie-stick users can be a tiny bit annoying, the Grove is large enough with wide enough walkways that wanderers can enjoy the scenic beauty regardless. Of the thousands of photos I took myself, this one was one of my favourites, a true representation of the majesty of Japanese bamboo.


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