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Muddy Feet in Hoi An


Over the past three years I’ve spent my time living in, working in and travelling around Asia. While each country has left its own signature on me, few have had the effect that Vietnam had. The time I spent in Vietnam with my travel buddy Pete (over at was truly an experience that will never leave me. From the food to the people, the gritty streets to the wild animals, Vietnam is a place I know I will return to again and again in the future. Of the many things we tried in Vietnam, the Wet Rice Tour is definitely at the top of the list. Now, sometimes when I meet travellers, they make it a point to avoid anything considered “touristy” but in a country like Vietnam and in an area like Hoi An, taking part in some of the touristy adventures is the best way to meet the people and experience some of the local colour. While the Wet Rice Tour will have its very own post next week, this particular photo captures the experience so well. Spending the day in the mud, with the water buffalo and the flies was just amazing. The farmers spoke next to no English, but communication is beyond words when you’re learning how to farm rice the traditional way.


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