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The Trio on the Paddy


Of all the amazing sites and tours in Asia, one unchanging aspect of the continent is the family dynamic that runs country to country. There is no dynamic like it in the world. In the West, it’s customary for families to drift, each member forging their own path and making their own choices. Now more than ever, young adults leave home early to study or learn a trade or have a family of their own and while the links between family members remain strong, the family culture in Asia seems to be much more in depth. The family unit is self-nurturing with children often staying at home much longer and learning trades and practices that come from within the family. Cycling through Tam Coc I came across the trio, an adult and two children farming. The adult did the lions share of the work, but the children half played and half helped, learning the skills they will no doubt use for the rest of their lives living on the paddy.


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