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A Bounce Through Myanmar

With Myanmar being open to the public for less than a decade, the adventurous travellers amongst us have the opportunity to experience the third world with a culture of people who could not be more accomodating. For the see-all traveller, nothing says Myanmar quite like the seventeen hour train journey from Yangon to Bagan. From the moment you step into the packed station, you can tell you’re worlds apart. This is no Virgin Trains or even Amtrack experience, but a look at Asia from a whole new perspective. Families cover the floors in cardboard and set up shelter until their train arrives and it took less than five minutes for several families to engage us in broken conversation, and less then ten minutes before we were joined by a young girl who wanted to practice her English. Built around 1896, the trains have not been updated and neither have the tracks. The journey is bumpy, rickety and sways from side to side. It should not be missed. The trains interior is divided into classes with the lower end being nothing but wooden benches and the upper end having a bunk bed with a meal service that costs a little extra. The journey is super cheap and gives passengers an excellent opportunity to see the raw nature of the Myanmar countryside and the trading that takes place at each stop. Not as fast or efficient as a plane, the train offers what the plane cannot; a once in a lifetime experience. 


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