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Wraith by L.A. Murphy

She wanders in, a gaping wraith,
There’s no escape and no one’s safe.

Once she has you in her sight,
You will not make it through the night.

The sun descends and she awakes,
Searching for a life to take.

And when you lie down in your bed,
She comes to you, the deep dark dread.

You close your eyes and start to rest,
Unaware your unwanted guest.

Your breathing slows, you start to dream,
No one’s going to hear you scream.

And from the shadows she appears,
Unbeknownst to your deft ears.

Her hair is death and wrought and wild,
She’ll make you feel like you’re a child.

Her nails are long and dark with rust,
Wake up now, you must, you must!

Her feet are filth and gnarled and bare,
As she steps forth, a devils stare.

Her naked body writhes and twists,
The way you’ve only seen in myth.

And as you slumber, dreaming deep,
She draws forth, your soul to reap.

She climbs on top of your meek chest,
Disturbing your once peaceful rest.

You utter out a final note,
As her hands consume your throat.


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