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The Gardens of Lamma

While Hong Kong will forever remain my favourite city in the world, it has much more to offer than the mad streets, high class brunches and insane party districts. A short ferry ride away, travellers and residents alike can spend a weekend on the wonderful Lamma Island. A favourite of this writer, Lamma gives visitors a snap shot of country living just outside of the urban jungle that is Hong Kong Island. The island itself is green and natural with a medley of wildlife, locals, expats and fisherman alike usually all convening a the seafood restaurants and boardwalk bars in the evening. When you take a walk around the island, which really doesn’t take very long, you will encounter a different sort of people living a different sort of lifestyle. Island life doesn’t necessarily allow for a supermarket or a mega store, rather the islanders take to the seas and earth to provide for themselves and their families. Along with the fishermen, you will see some of the older residents tending gardens and dancing around the rice and crops with the elegance and flexibility of an experienced yoga instructor. An absolute fanatic of all things natural and green, I found this rickety garden with its worn shelving and flawless design a perfect representation of the Lamma way of living, natural, raw and frugal.


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