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Seeing Hiroshima


There’s no escaping the history of Hiroshima. Whether citizen, resident or tourist, Hiroshima is a prefecture that will forever be known as the site that was hit by the first A-Bomb and today, Hiroshima is known throughout Japan as a capital of peace. To say there’s no place quite like Hiroshima would be wrong, for I believe there are many places and many people in the world who value peace, but Hiroshima has seen the outcome of a world at war, and has suffered greatly because of it. Today, Hiroshima is a thriving prefecture rich with culture. It is a prefecture that has rebuilt itself from nothing with natives to the prefecture being steadfast in their pursuit of peace and nuclear disarmament. Whether or not this dream will become a reality is yet to be seen, but seeing Hiroshima can be a truly inspirational experience for those that understand its history. Standing on the mountains behind Mitaki-dera, visitors can see the prefecture in all its glory, rebuilt and alive.


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