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The Road by L.A. Murphy

And so it was I found myself walking down the winding country road when I was approached by two figures. One, tall and dark, a man so handsome he could have been carved from marble, but sallow in the face and hunched as if carrying an enormous weight. The second, pallid, almost grey. A woman so stained with tears she seemed to drift between worlds, a vapour existing only to weep.

“Tell us?”

They asked.

“Whom do you prefer?”

In my childishness I chose not to choose. but merely stared at the two figures before me. They did not seem the type to insult easily, only the type to bear all and carry on in their stead.

“Tell us?”

They asked.

“Whom do you respect?”

In my adolescence I chose not to choose, but rather shrugged, avoiding the stares of the figures before me. His marble face cracked, leaving only traces of himself all about the road. And she, her tears dripped with the za za of heavy rain until only water could be seen all around us.

“Tell us?”

They asked.

“Whom do you fear?”

In my youthful bravado I chose not to choose, but rather laughed at the very notion. No amount of marble nor tears could alter me and my path that night. And so I walked on and they followed, breaking just that much more ever so slightly.

“Tell us?”

They asked.

“Who occupies your thoughts?”

In my patriarchal success I chose not to choose, but turned the tide that night on the figures before me on that country road.

“Tell me?”

I asked.

“Why do you interrupt my walk this eve?”

In their broken forms they refused to answer, or rather they could not. In that moment I saw reflections of my time on the road, but still I walked on.

“Tell us?”

They asked.

“Why do you walk away from us?”

In my old age I turned to them and stopped. Cracked, broken, ravaged, tired, these figures before me no longer a barrier in my life, but rather old friends I had not thought to greet. And so it was that I took their arms on that country road and together we walked towards the end.




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