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Daycare on the Paddy

Travelling through Northern Vietnam was easily one of my favourite travel experiences. The people were amazing, the food fresh and delicious and the beer flowed at about 50c a bottle. During a brief yet fantastic stay in Hoi An right near the ancient town, my travel buddy and I took a bike tour through the countryside. We met farmers, learned about the rice and farming industry of rural Vietnam (more on the JackTranEcoTour!) and just before learning how to farm rice ourselves, we were taken to Vietnam’s version of a daycare. Growing up with family who are involved in the education sector, and being a teacher myself, I’m used to seeing buildings bursting with toys and art supplies and books and all manner of resources. These children however had very little. Sons and daughters of the local farmers and labourers and seamstresses, the room had about twenty children in it with two women playing with them on the floor. There were no electronics, no real decorations, barely anything in the room but the children and their carers and yet when they saw us they beamed with delight. The children wanted to talk and high five and ask questions, questions translated by out tour guide Sing. They laughed and posed for photos and above all, every child in that room appeared genuinely happy. Sing told us that the people in these areas are known for their happiness because they live a simple life with simple pleasures and this was something you could see in the children in the daycare on the paddy.


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