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Spirit of the Forest


Famous for many things, Japan is especially known for its sheer appreciation of nature. Shizen in Japanese, there are very few prefectures that are not surrounded by forests, mountains, waterfalls, hiking trails and the now changing colours that welcome the onset of Autumn. Wherever you may find yourself in Japan, a short ferry, bus or train journey will take you to some of the most magnificent and historical areas this country has to offer. Having had the immense fortune of living in Hiroshima for the last seven months, I recently journeyed over to Miyajima. An island famous for it floating torii gate, Miyajima is home to an abundance of wildlife. Snakes, monkeys and deer are scattered all over the mountainous island, the deer being human friendly they will walk with you along the streets and are not scared to be touched. Of the many doe and fawns roaming the island’s outlying markets, this buck lay alone on the outskirts of the forest right near the entrance to the hiking trail.


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