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Mural of the Big Wave 


With all that Hong Kong has to offer, it comes as no surprise that the SAR is now, and will forever remain, one of my favourite places on this planet. Asia’s World City is a thriving hub of culture and fun and experiences all squeezed into a city two-thirds the size of London. Hong Kong for me was like a spiral diagram with the city at it’s centre, the jungles and mountainous regions taking the peripheral and the beaches and cliffs taking the outer edge. My geography skills notwithstanding (and certainly not accurate), Hong Kong has something to offer for everyone. Of the many beaches, two sit side by side on opposite ends of the Dragon’s Back Hiking Trail, Big Wave Bay and Shek O. While Shek O is my preferred destination, Big Wave is a popular space for surfers and surfing enthusiasts due to its waves. As someone who knows very little about surfing, I’m unsure if there’s actually a difference between the two size wise, but with a name like Big Wave the beach naturally attracts thrill seekers on the daily. After finishing a hike, I came across this mural on a wall outside of a surf shop/restaurant/convenience store. I can only imagine it was created by the owners to give passersby a pause that might entice them into the store or alternatively it could have been artistic vandalism. Either way, I think the mural is amazing, witty, comical and interesting, telling the story of a surfer on the beach from start to finish. If you’re in Big Wave Bay, you should check it out!


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