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A Break From Writing

It has been approximately two months since I last wrote a blog post. I chose to take the break at a fairly inopportune time blog-wise but at a fortunate time for my quest to become a novelist. I can officially say, with just a hint of trepidation, I have finished my novel. In its entirety it is written with just a few edits left.

It’s a day I had never really expected to come after so many years of talking about writing a novel and a day I have waited for since I was eighteen. Preceding this final successful attempt have been three failed attempts, all three managed to get to the forty-ish thousand word length before I realised they weren’t really novels to begin with and would have had a lot more depth if I had kept them to short stories. My most recent attempt however basically wrote itself. From a short story concept to a novelette to a full blown novel, it was an idea that hooked me from the moment I started writing it during break in class over a year ago.

It was with a move to Japan that the book took its first edit and rewrite and now, almost nearing the end of my time in Japan, the book has taken its final form and I am prepping myself for the torrent of literary agents and potential rejections I hope to receive in the future (as well as the all important acceptance). I will of course keep the whole journey documented on here for anyone who is curious about the process.

So, a break from writing. I chose to stop blogging two months ago because I was at last nearing the end of my book and for several reasons I needed to take my focus from everything and plow it solely into my novel. I’m a firm believer in being a diverse writer but its important not to spread oneself to thinly when trying to achieve a goal and this is something I have had to force myself to learn this past few months.

I want to write in every genre, I want a successful and meaningful blog, I want to write about travel, I want to write for newspapers and magazines, I want to win awards for short stories and I want most of all to publish my book. Unfortunately, I have since come to learn that while wanting these things is amazing and the drive to be a writer is ever expanding, you simply can’t do it all. Not all at the same time anyway. 3000 words on the blog a week is 3000 less in the novel. Giving my creativity to several mediums meant weakening my creativity for several mediums and the stress of not blogging proved too much so I chose not to blog at all.

While the decision was difficult and I felt like a failure, I also managed to finish my book quickly before throwing myself into the editing. The whole process ran so much smoother once I stopped stressing about the other writing I wanted to do and now, at last, I am ready to commit myself back to the blog and the start of my second book.

I wonder how everyone else with a full time job juggles the stresses of writing for different mediums on a daily basis? Please share your thoughts in the comments!



10 thoughts on “A Break From Writing

  1. I can relate. I have a 50-60 hour per week job in consulting. I travel 45 weeks per year. Somehow, I managed to publish three novels in 2016. I do this by using the travel and downtime that are part of my job and make the most of that time by writing as much as possible. It is a struggle sometime, but I’ve learned to write in cramped airplane seats, crowded airports and lonely hotel rooms.

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  2. You should be congratulated for finishing the novel. The blog work can always be picked back up. I tried to write and work full time and it was a failure. I now write full time and still seems to find time an issue. Oh well. Good luck with the book.

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    • Thank you for the comment! Yes sometimes I set a whole weekend aside and still manage nothing although I do find returning to blogging so difficult sometimes. Getting motivated to find something interesting to write about every day is hard when plowing energy into other projects!

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      • You can slack off to twice a week. Set a theme for each of the two days and fill in with a post. The only way I can write a post everyday is I have a set theme for each day of the week. Hope this helps.

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