About L.A. Murphy


Hello and welcome to my website. My name is Liam A. Murphy and I am a writer and a reader, a traveller and a teacher and a lover of all things Asia. I started blogging about two years ago when I first moved to East Asia and, after some failed attempts to define my writing by genre, I decided it was time to commit full time to writing however I want to write. On this site you’ll find travel stories and recommendations, flash fiction, poetry and general updates on my thoughts and observations.


From a young age I found myself in love with writing in every form. While many of my friends would be outside playing or riding bikes, I would be curled up with some amazing books, or a pen and paper. I’d invent characters and narratives and plots and scenes and dramas and they’d all exist in this special place inside my head and to this day I still use this form of escapism. I’ve never had an issue being alone because writing makes me feel like I have a universe of friends. I have a profound respect for anyone who is brave enough to post their creative writing as it is a personal experience and one that takes a certain amount of courage. I aspire to one day be a published author who can inspire others the way that so many writers inspire me.


Like a good number of my generation, I enjoy travelling. I’m fortunate enough to have travelling as a lifestyle, opposed to an interest and while only moving onto my second country of residence this year, I have called Hong Kong home for two years and have found so much inspiration here. The world city of Asia has allowed me to explore nearby countries and engage in the customs and cultures of the wonderful people of China, Myanmar, Indonesia, Vietnam and Hong Kong. I plan to add many more to this list.


What I’ve noticed most about the blogging, twitter and instagram communities is that they are just that, communities of like minded and kind people who make a conscious efforts to help, critique and share work be it creative, political, educational or business.

By day I teach English as a Foreign Language and occasionally freelance as an article writer for local websites. I love writing and I love education, my lifestyle allows me to do both and for this I could not be happier.

Personally, I struggle with the concept of “luck”, I’ve worked very hard to get where I am and I believe young men and women who get onto planes and move abroad to make something of themselves aren’t lucky, they’re brave.

I welcome all comments to my page, all constructive criticism and all questions are welcome. I do prefer to keep a positive edge to my writing, so I prefer that comments made are also done in this manner.

Check out my contact page should you have any questions.